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Avenue of the Volcanoes

Avenue of the Volcanoes is the ultimate challenge taken on by a group of dedicated individuals who have accepted the challenge that will culminate
in a magical midnight glacier climb. You will feel exhausted but elated as you rise with the sun, cross through rain forests and up and over volcanoes. All
for the immediate benefit of Shalva's children with disabilities.

About the Challenge



Participants from all over the world will have a chance to spend ten days surrounded by some of the world's most beautiful scenery and will trek  through rain forests and up and over volcanoes.

The unforgettable Avenue of the Volcanoes experience includes:
  • Walk through the clouds as you conquer Cayambe
  • Summit as the sun rises over Ecuador
  • Gaze for miles over the magical Andes
  • Meander through rain forests and up and around volcanoes
  • Celebrate your achievements in the cultural capital Quito
  • A Charity Challenge T-Shirt

Registration Fee

All participants are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £574 to cover admin charges, as follows.
Shalva - £75  (payable when registering on the Shalva challenge website)
Charity Challenge - £499 (payable when registering on the Charity Challenge website)

Fundraising Target

UK Climbers - £5,000 per participant
Israeli Climbers - 30,000 NIS per participant
Canadian Climbers - $12,500 CAD* per participan
USA Climbers - $10,000 US** per participant

* based on return flights from Toronto
** based on return flights from New York

The full cost of this challenge to Shalva is £2,350 per participant from the UK (cost from Israel, the USA or Canada is higher and will depend on additional flight cost). Participants may choose to cover some or all of this amount themselves, in order that all monies raised will directly benefit Shalva's children and their families.

Difficulty Level

The Avenue of the Volcanoes Trek is an Extreme trek, but still very ‘do-able’. The difficulty level comes on the final summit. Cayambe is a Glacier ascent and therefore technically difficult.

This challenge has 4 summits and each one is an accomplishment. Your trek will not be focused on the final summit on Cayambe, but on each one.

On the day before the summit of Cayambe (Day 9) we will have a whole day set aside for Ice Practice. During this day the experienced local guides will be teaching the group how to use crampons and ice picks and how to trek whilst tethered together in small groups by ropes. This training will be crucial to successfully make it to the summit of Cayambe at 5,790m. The day will offer the opportunity to learn the technical aspect of how to climb the glacier and for you to gain as much confidence as possible.

The whole team will be roped in small groups of 2 or 3, each to a guide. This will be your summit group. Once tethered and trekking, this group cannot be broken up or separated. Therefore, if one person in the group gets into trouble, suffers from exhaustion or the altitude and the guide makes the decision that they can’t continue, or if the participant decides themselves that they really can’t continue and needs to turn back, then the whole of the tethered group must all turn back together. We will only have one guide per tethered group and if someone needs to turn back, there will not be any spare guides to take them back down, so that the original guide can accompany the remaining team members.

Therefore, we will probably have to put people together in roped groups of a similar standard with the understanding that the summit attempt will be a case of ‘All for one and one for all’.

What about people that try the ice practice day (Day 9) and decide that, in fact, the glacier climb is really not for them. That won’t be a problem. It will be perfectly OK and acceptable for those that do not want to attempt the glacier summit of Cayambe to stay behind at the lodge and wait for the team to return.